Tagpuan is another bamboo villa that’s slightly bigger than Tadhana. It has the same rooftop balcony but comes with an additional platform on the ground floor where you can set up pillows for lounging.

Tagpuan Villa Rates

 📍 Sitio Bulihan Gulod Calatagan Batangas

WEEKDAY (Mon-Thu) RATES: ( Good for 6 – 12 people. )

Daytour (Php 7,000 for 10 hrs)
Overnight (Php 9,000 for 22 hrs)

WEEKEND/ Holiday (Fri-Sun) RATES : 💚 ( Good for 6 – 12 people. )

Daytour (Php 8,000 for 10 hrs)
Overnight (Php 10,000 for 22 hrs)

Looking for the best Floating Cottage, Beach house in the south? Spend that much awaited vacation with your friends and family here at Rafters 😉🌊

💯 INCLUSIONS (6-12 pax)

– Marina tourist Registered Tourist boats
– 2nd story deck
– Extra mattress
– Sofa sets, Relax chairs, Cofta lodgers
– Marine Toilets( both No. & No. 2)
– Kitchen with utensils
– Stove
– Griller
– Dinghy boats 🚣‍♀️
– Solar Electricity with power stations
– Life Vest
– Pets are allowed


🏖 Labunusan Starfish island ( touching and lifting starfishes are strictly prohibited)
🏖 Labunusan Sea Urchin Sanctuary
🏖 Magnanay white sand bar
⛵️ Round tripping
🧜🏻‍♂️ Snorkling ( with charge )
🚤 Cruise and Island Hoping to Labunusan sandbar & Magnanay Sand bar
🌅 Enjoy the Breath taking sunset around the sandbar of Gulod calatagan
🚣‍♀️ Boating around the mangrove forest.
🌌 Star gazing during a good night stay by the sea
🐠 Fish Feeding and Fishing ( around the sandbar area)
🛶 Kayaking (Kayak Charge Separately)
🦐 Fresh Sea foods can be purchased directly from the fishermen. Kindly inform your boatmen for assistance.

Rafters Calatagan Tagpuan
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