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Rafters Calatagan Takda

Rafters Calatagan Floating Villa

Our story Began back in 2019, floating cottages in Calatagan are only used for seaweed farming and as a resting area for the local fisherfolk, we develop the floating cottages and create floating villas where guests can stay comfortably and enjoy the beauty of Calatagan.

In 2022 we are in need of a front office to register our guests. Due to the long waiting time we have decided that what better way to satisfy our guests on stand by  is to offer them a good cup of coffee. Today we are not only serving guests from our floating villas but also Locals and tourists of Calatagan Batangas.

Our mission is to create opportunities and to inspire sustainable tourism for a better generation, better nation. One beach, One coffee at a time.

Unique floating villas at Rafters Calatagan Resort

Can’t get enough of the sea and cruising? Instead of retreating to an accommodation after a day of island hopping, Rafters Calatagan Resort will allow you to make the most out of your much-needed beach trip by staying as close as possible to the sea with their unique floating villas.

Unlike most villas you’d find in beach resorts that are typically made of stilts, Rafters gives a unique take on a beach experience that will allow you to go on a sunrise or sunset cruise right from the comforts of your own bed. You’ll be accompanied by two boatmen during your stay and they will be your lifeguards and tour guides as you explore sand bars, mangrove forests, and different diving spots.

If you’re looking for adventure where you wouldn’t have to deal with a crowd, the sea will be your playground at Rafters Calatagan:

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